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Las Vegas Nightlife Guide for all things related to the enjoyment of nightclubs, bars, discos, pubs, and anywhere people gather to have fun. 

"Fun for all, and all for fun!"

- Las Vegas Nightlife Guide fan



Las Vegas sign.



I have not been able to verify this story, nor have I spoken to any of the historians of Las Vegas lore.  However, I conclude there must be some truth to this story.  Because Las Vegas is about nightlife.  And everyone needs a guide, no matter where you come from.

Las Vegas had always held a magical place in her imagination.  Ever since she was a teenager growing up in Minneapolis, LauraB had dreamed of heading to Vegas to become a part of the "scene."  She didn't care if she became a show girl or a bartender, she just wanted to be in the middle of it. These were her Las Vegas dreams. 

One day, she made that dream come true. LauraB took the first flight from Minneapolis to Las Vegas and she took her first limo ride directly to the strip. She'd read about Haze and Tryst, but her first stop would be XS on the Boulevard.  She had never seen such opulence in her entire life.  After a few cocktails, LauraB was in the mood for an appetizer, so she headed to Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon.  What she didn't expect to find there, was some of the most delicious finger food this side of the Mississippi.  It was just plain yummy.  And so was the young man she met that night. 

Jack Flacker was from Alabama. And the day he left for Las Vegas, his family and friends told him he was going straight to hell because every self-respecting Baptist knew that Las Vegas wasn't called Sin City for nothing. But Jack Flacker couldn't, wouldn't be stopped from his dream. 

So when LauraB and Jack met for the very fist time, right there at the bar at Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon, it was a magic moment for both of them.

They decided to visit Ghostbar, that exotic and fun-filled place that was known for good music, tasty drinks, and beautiful people.  At about 2AM, they decided to have a nightcap at Chateau, a place like no other with a chocolate store to die for. 

What a night it had been for LauraB.  She was an adult now.  And Las Vegas was where she knew she belonged.  It was that night that LauraB decided to create her very own Las Vegas Nightlife Guide.  She would share her personal insights into the funnest places in Las Vegas. She would make sure that any girl with a dream of this funnest of cities, would learn where to go, and how to get there.  This was HER city now.  And she'd show the world what she'd learned as a young woman from Minnesota. What bars had the best drinks?  Which nightclubs had the hottest dudes?  Which comedy clubs had the best up and coming comics? Kacey knew this city and she was glad to share her insights.  Someone had to - why not her?

       Welcome to LauraB's

2016 Las Vegas Nightlife Guide!















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